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Govenance overview

You can learn more about our individual Members, Trustees, and LSBs on our  Who's who page


In a Multi-Academy Trust like ours, the roles of Members, Trustees, and Local School Boards (LSBs) are distinct yet interwoven, each contributing to the realisation of our shared vision and values.

  • Members are guardians of the Charity, focusing on the Trust's overarching objectives. They ensure the Trust remains true to its foundational moral rooting, embodying altruism, pioneering spirit, and ethical behaviour. By upholding the integrity of the Trust’s vision—"nurturing brilliance, guiding exploration, and cultivating respect"—Members ensure that fundamental strategic decisions align with our commitment to upholding children's rights as per UNICEF's framework. Members' key responsibilities include appointing trustees and holding them to account for the trust’s performance. 

  • Trustees are responsible for strategic oversight, making pivotal decisions that directly impact the Trust's direction and success. Their work is guided by the vision of creating educational environments that place learners' individuality, curiosity, and dignity at the forefront. Trustees embody our shared values by actively making decisions that prioritize learners' needs, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to discover and harness their brilliance, explore the future, and learn respect for themselves and others. The CEO and Trustees engage in a collaborative relationship to steer the Trust towards its strategic goals. The CEO, as the Trust's operational leader, implements the strategic vision. The CEO reports directly to the Trustees, providing them with critical information and updates on the Trust's operations, achievements, and challenges. Trustees, in turn, offer governance, oversight, and strategic direction, ensuring that the Trust adheres to its vision, values, and statutory responsibilities. This partnership is crucial for achieving educational excellence, with the CEO executing daily operations and strategic plans, and Trustees ensuring these align with the Trust's ethos and regulatory requirements. 

  • Local School Boards (LSBs) operate at a closer level to the individual schools, ensuring that the Trust’s strategic vision is implemented effectively on the ground. They focus on the unique aspects of their respective schools while maintaining a cohesive approach to achieving the Trust's vision. Through respectful collaboration and unwavering support, LSBs play a critical role in navigating and implementing necessary changes within schools, ensuring that every child's right to a quality education is realized. Local School Boards (LSBs) work closely with Headteachers to ensure that the strategic vision and policies of the Trust are effectively implemented in each school. This partnership involves regular communication, with LSBs providing support and guidance to Headteachers on various aspects of school management and educational delivery. LSBs monitor school performance, help in setting school-specific objectives, and ensure that the school's plans align with the Trust's overall vision and values. They also play a critical role in holding Headteachers accountable, ensuring high standards of teaching, learning, H+S and finances are maintained. 


Together, Members, Trustees, and LSBs form a robust governance framework that drives our Trust towards achieving excellence in education, with a steadfast commitment to nurturing each child’s potential in alignment with our shared moral rooting, values, and vision