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CEO's Welcome

I am Dr. Faris, and my professional and academic work has shaped my views regarding the shortcomings of the evolving academy system.  I have now chosen to actively participate and make a meaningful impact on the system's future rather than merely voicing concerns from the sidelines. I am privileged to work with outstanding and dedicated headteachers and colleagues. It is with a profound sense of pride and determination that we are delighted to introduce Schools for Every Child. A Trust that is rooted in the UNICEF rights of the child, where all of our school work towards the same shared vision to Nurturing Brilliance, Guiding Exploration, and Cultivating Respect, and we strive to develop the values of Altruism, being pioneering and being ethical through a shared pro-social reward system. Our ethos is anchored in a profound commitment to a shared moral rooting, values, vision, and purpose, all intricately woven to form the fabric of our educational philosophy.  

Our foundational ethos is deeply rooted in a commitment to shared moral principles, values, and visions, all seamlessly integrated to define our educational philosophy. This ethos is further distinguished by a key unique selling point (USP) – our unwavering commitment to individualised coaching and structured, evidence-informed mental health support. This commitment extends to supporting people as individuals, recognising and nurturing the potential within each staff member, student, and school in our Trust. This focus on individual support and empowerment sets us apart from other Trusts as we strive to uncover and amplify the greatness within every individual through clear and robust support systems. 

Our moral roots serve as the ethical backbone of our organisation. They provide us with a higher purpose that guides our decision-making and actions, ensuring alignment with our deeply held values and long-term vision. This commitment is exemplified by our alignment with UNICEF's rights of the child, underscoring our dedication to the welfare and rights of every child in our care. 

Our shared moral rooting, values, vision, and purpose statements are intricately intertwined with our commitment to individualised coaching and mental health support. This holistic approach ensures that we cater to the needs of our staff, schools, and students as individuals, nurturing brilliance, guiding exploration, and cultivating respect in every aspect of our work. This commitment to structured, evidence-informed support systems is not woolly but well-structured, setting us apart as a Trust that truly seeks and nurtures greatness in everyone. 

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience, one that is tailored to preserve and enhance all schools’ unique identity. We recognise that every school is special and don't seek to homogenise them. Instead, we empower them to flourish while nurturing our pupils' academic growth and well-being and aligning where we collectively feel it is beneficial. We aim to develop a central team that gives school leaders exceptionally skilled people to draw upon quickly. We use economies of scale to buy in services that individual schools couldn't afford alone. The central team aims to support and challenge heads to lead their schools in their own way, guided by our shared vision and values. Coaching and counselling are our essential tools to empower leaders. The role of the CEO is to be a guardian of shared values and vision - my role is to ensure everyone can flourish at all times in the drama of ongoing life.  

I love this video. It is brimming with joyful children and resonates deeply with our core values of altruism, pioneering spirit, and ethical conduct. It reflects our commitment to fostering an environment where learners are prepared academically and instilled with the compassion and innovation necessary for the dynamic world that awaits them. It encapsulates our vision to nurture well-rounded individuals ready to contribute positively and lead with integrity in an ever-evolving global society.


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