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Surveys and feedback


Staff Survey: What do you think about working for this trust?:


Trust Central team feedback on changes being made, after a coaching training session: 

  • ‘Positive Relationships built. New skills. Feel a team’

  • ‘Thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know others. It feels more like a team-hopefully this will mean we are more altruistic and ethical to one another. Being a part of the new journey of the Trust feels like we are valued. I feel like the coaching and mental health stuff upskilled me too. Really positive! Thank you got organising and the hard work!’

  • ‘Amazing networking opportunity. And a chance to self-reflect on behaviour and how to improve communication.’

  • ‘Working with others and understanding others. Relaunch for the trust. Greater understanding of our new visions and values.’ 

  • ‘Fantastic! Really had a lovely time!, these changes are great'

  • ‘It’s been fantastic to build relationships, a trusting team, and a clear vision!’

  • ‘Excited- Can’t wait to roll out the new vision and continue to drive the values forward!’

  • ‘Very positive couple of days. Has been great to get to know the Trust staff better. Really enjoyed the well-being talk especially. Coaching was very useful.’

  • ‘Positive, exciting, informative, great company. Thank you.’

  • ‘Refreshing, friendly, and great to see and understand how accessible support and guidance is.’

School Improvement Partner:


The work you have done, in a very short period of time, has been phenomenal and the changes made have moved forward very swiftly and for this you should be commended



Staff- "What has improved for you since the new CEO took over"?