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Statutory Info

Our commitment to our vision transcends beyond education; it is about meticulously aligning every financial, governance, and human resource decision with the ambition to prepare learners for the complexities of the future. With a vision deeply rooted in pioneering innovation, ethical integrity, and altruistic goals, we aim not just to educate but to enlighten. In our operations, we are pioneering and constantly seeking innovative practices that enhance learning experiences. We are ethical, ensuring integrity and transparency guide our every action. We are altruistic, focusing on the greater good to nurture individuals who are academically proficient, empathetic, and socially responsible. This approach ensures that our strategic decisions in finance, governance, and HR are not just in service of today's needs but are preparing our learners for the opportunities of tomorrow. Join us in this journey towards a future where education is the key to unlocking potential, guided by innovation, ethics, and altruism.


You can learn more about our specific governance structures and individuals on our Who's Who page.  

Please get in touch with us for copies of policies or documentation 

Zero employees have a gross annual remuneration (including pension)  of £100,000 or more. 

Zero central team staff act as union representatives.


Information about Local Governors can be found on each school's website 


Our OFSTED reports can be found here:

Performance and Assessment information:


Sports premium information is available on individual school sites

In 2022-23, 65% of our year 6 pupils left Primary School able to swim at least 25 metres. 


Pupil Premium 

Our strategy aligns with our ethos of nurturing brilliance, guiding exploration, and cultivating respect, ensuring it supports the educational journey of disadvantaged pupils through our shared moral rooting, values, and vision.

  1. Shared Moral Rooting: We leverage the UNICEF rights of the child as a foundational principle, championing the right to quality education for every pupil, especially those benefiting from the Pupil Premium, to close academic and social gaps.

  2. Shared Values in Action:

    • Altruistic Actions: We introduce mentorship programs and community engagement projects to foster a spirit of giving among students and staff.
    • Pioneering Excellence: We employ innovative teaching methods tailored to the diverse needs of our students, encouraging curiosity.
    • Ethical Decision-Making: Our strategy includes fairness and kindness in supporting the holistic needs of Pupil Premium students.
  3. Realizing Our Shared Vision: Our vision of "Nurturing Brilliance, Guiding Exploration, Cultivating Respect" guides our efforts to:

    • Prioritize individuality, curiosity, and dignity, preparing students for the future.
    • Target improvements in teaching, academic performance, and behaviors such as attendance and engagement.
    • Prepare learners for the world, focusing on bridging the gap for disadvantaged students

Each school has its own bespoke PPG statement and review which can be found on their websites. 

Please see our trust-wide PPG report for 2023-2024 (called PPG report)