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Our Vision for Growth

Our vision for growth will lead to more streamlined and value-for-money central services and a flexible, highly responsive model for school improvement. The ultimate beneficiaries of this growth will be our pupils, whose life prospects will be enriched by SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD education. We are passionate about staff wellbeing and coaching and supervision. Mental health first aid is key to our approach as well as providing a robust and exciting CPD offer. 

We look forward to the next chapter, one in which we extend our footprint in the communities we serve through planned growth, strategic partnerships, and unyielding commitment to our core principles. SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD aims to ensure that all our academies, regardless of their starting point, can achieve excellence while always putting learning first.


Who We want to work with

Contribute: Each school joining us is expected to help shape our evolving ethos and move us forward. We value differences and new ideas. 

Location: Schools must be close enough to other SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD school to contribute and benefit from shared working fully. 

Together: Joining schools must be aware that all the schools in the partnership agree to some aspects of SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD, and we abide by the principle of collective responsibility. 

Finance: Each school must prove that it is financially viable, and where it is not, it will have a clear strategy to be deficit-free before joining SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD.

Contact us for more information or to arrange an informal meeting: