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Visions and Values


Shared Moral rooting:

 The driving force that gives ethical and moral validity to the organisation. A higher purpose that can be relied upon to drive the organisation. A rooting is long-lasting and outlives the wishes of one individual or another: 

Shared Values:



Doing good things whenever, however and to whoever you can 


Striving to discover new things and exceed expectations 


Making conscious decisions to be kind and fair 


Shared Vision

An aspiration for the future. This holds the different parts of the organisation together. The shared vision is something each part works towards, in its own way. Specific enough that it stands you apart from others in the same field.  

Nurturing Brilliance, Guiding Exploration, Cultivating Respect -Schools that put their learner’s individuality, curiosity, and dignity at the forefront, preparing them for the world that awaits.  

Individual Mottos

How a specific part of an institution meets the shared vision and how that small part of the organisation is unique yet connected to the whole:  

· Central Team and Trustees: Making decisions that put the learner first   

· Wyburns: Every child has brilliance inside them. Our job is to dig it out and give it to the world! 

· North Crescent: Guiding explorers of the future   

· Rayleigh: Respecting ourselves, others and our future 

 Shared Purpose statements -

These set out our agreed common expectations for what people can expect from our schools in areas ranging from English, to Music, to Wellbeing and Attendance.   (eg, Music) :

Our music curriculum emphasises creative expression and community building, fostering a sense of exploration and respect for diverse forms of artistic expression. By providing students with opportunities to explore their musical talents and appreciate various genres, we aim to nurture a deep respect for the arts and cultural diversity, fostering a sense of exploration and open-mindedness. Our approach to music education reflects the spirit of exploration and respect embedded in Article 31, recognizing the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life.

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Our rooting, vision, and values all interlink: 

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