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What We Offer

Schools considering joining our Academy Trust can anticipate a wealth of benefits, each designed to enhance educational quality, support staff and student wellbeing, and ensure operational excellence.

Here are key reasons why schools should consider joining our Trust:

1.   Individual Focus: Each school in our Trust is encouraged to fulfil the Trust's vision in a manner that best serves its pupils, acknowledging each school's unique needs and strengths.

2.   Continual Professional Development (CPD): We offer regular CPD sessions for staff in September and July, ensuring ongoing professional growth and skill enhancement.

3.   Trust-Wide Events and Activities: Regular activities and events for pupils and staff foster community and shared purpose across the Trust.

4.   Leadership Support and Counselling: Senior Leadership Teams (SLTs) receive counselling and emotional support, acknowledging the unique pressures school leaders face.

5.   Coaching Culture: Our Trust embraces a coaching culture where leaders have access to professional coaching and are trained as coaches, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where all are coached to improve. 

6.   Empowerment Philosophy: We believe in each individual's potential and focus on helping them discover their brilliance rather than dictating their actions.

7.   Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Support: Monthly supervision and support for DSLs ensure effective safeguarding practices across the Trust.

8. Resource-Rich Staff Hubs: Well-stocked staff hubs provide access to exceptional support, managed by an experienced Central teacher who also offers cover and planning support and leads Trust-wide initiatives.

9.   Welfare and Mental Health First Aid: The Trust appoints welfare and mental health first aiders, prioritising the emotional well-being of our community.

10.   Centralised Professional Development Lead: A Trust wide CPD lead ensures consistent and high-quality professional development opportunities.

11.   GDPR and Internal Audit: Dedicated leads for GDPR and internal auditing ensure compliance and best practices in data protection and financial oversight.

12.   Legal and HR Support: Access to high-quality HR and legal support provides schools with the necessary resources to manage complex administrative tasks efficiently.

13.   Specialist Coordinators: Trust-wide English and Maths coordinators facilitate sharing best practices, enhancing academic standards.

14.   Wellbeing Coordinator: A Trust-Wide Wellbeing Coordinator oversees initiatives focused on the health and happiness of staff and students.

15.   Bespoke Leadership Coaching: A leadership coach for Trust-wide leads fosters professional growth and effective leadership.

16.   Staff Health and Welfare: We offer private healthcare cash plans for all employees, which shows our commitment to staff well-being.

17.   24/7 Support and Counselling Line: A round-the-clock support and counselling line provides immediate assistance for staff.

18.   Trust Counsellor: available as required, the Trust counsellor offers additional support.

19.   Attendance Support: A Trust attendance lead assists with managing persistent absenteeism and admissions.

20.   Estate and Health & Safety Compliance: The Trust Estate Lead ensures the compliance of estate management and Health & Safety regulations.

21.   Financial Management and Efficiency: The Trust is focused on joint procurement and saving money, which can be redirected to enhance pupil experiences.

22.   Central Finance Management: A centrally employed Finance Manager provides training, audit support, and cover for school Finance Officers.

23.   Expert-Managed Payroll: An expert centrally manages Payroll, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

24.   Regular Audits: Regular audits in various areas like Safeguarding, Finance, Health & Safety, and peer reviews to support Heads and schools in maintaining high standards.

25.   Mock Deep Dives and External Reviews: These initiatives support schools in developing their subject leaders and ensuring education quality.

26.   Regular Whole trust conferences, CPD, staff events, and award nights ensure that all staff can access high-quality CPD and feel rewarded for their hard work. 

27.  Deeply committed Trustees who want your pupils to thrive 

Joining our group of schools offers a comprehensive support system, enhancing both the educational quality and operational efficiency of schools while also prioritising the wellbeing of staff and students. 

An environment where the collective goal is to bring out the best in every individual, be it a student, a teacher, or a leader.