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Free CPD Offer

Free Continuing Professional Development Offer

(For Staff, Leaders & Governors)

We are excited to introduce our CPD offer, crafted to support the professional growth of primary school educators. At Schools for Every Child, we are committed to fostering a primary-focused collaborative learning environment, enhancing educational outcomes for all students in all schools. We offer these sessions to support and shape an education landscape focused on collaboration rather than competition. Our sessions are available to everyone -

We believe that we should all be working to support each other and this is one way we can do that. Our CPD programme is designed to align with our ethos of being altruistic, pioneering and ethical. We offer a diverse range of workshops, training sessions and consultancy tailored to meet the needs of educators at every stage of their careers.

1. Current Primary Practitioners: Our staff are all active primary school educators who bring relevant, real-world experience to their sessions.

2. Track Record: We have a history of successful school improvement.

3. Top Academic Performance: Our SAT data has been featured in The Times, recognising us among the top 200 schools in the country.

4. Inclusive Expertise: Our schools have significant populations of Traveller and SEND pupils, ensuring we are adept at adapting ideas to meet individual school needs.

All of these sessions will be online and are FREE to attend


CPD Session Name Session Date
Accredited DSL Refresher Course Mon 9th Sept 9am -3pm
Classifying & Managing Operational & Corporate Risks Tues 24th Sept 10am -11am
Developing A Bespoke Outdoor Learning Curriculum Thurs 26th Sept 4pm-5pm
Permanent Exclusion; Introduction For Leaders & Governors Tues 1st Oct 4pm-5pm
AI For Admin Staff Weds 9th Oct 10am-11am
What Governors Should Look For on Finance Reports Weds 16th Oct 6pm-7pm
School Attendance And The Travelling Community Weds 23rd Oct 10am-11am
Basic School Bookkeeping Mon 4th Nov 11am-12pm
Assemblies & Spirituality Tues 5th Nov 1.30pm-2.30pm
School Funding For Governors And New Leaders Weds 13th Nov 4pm-5pm