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Central Team

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  • Dr L Faris

    Dr L Faris


  • Mrs L Sellwood

    Mrs L Sellwood

    Trust Business & Finance Manager (CFO) / ELT

  • Mrs D Wade

    Mrs D Wade

    Trust Finance Manager

  • Mrs M Tilley

    Mrs M Tilley

    Trust Central Teacher

  • Mrs J Baker

    Mrs J Baker

    Trust Attendance Manager

  • Mr S O'Donohoe

    Mr S O'Donohoe

    Trust Estate Lead

  • Mrs E Byford

    Mrs E Byford

    Trust Payroll Manager

  • Mrs K Lancaster

    Mrs K Lancaster

    Executive Assistant

  • Mrs K Chaplin

    Mrs K Chaplin

    Projects & Risk Admin


  • Mr P Sedgwick

    Mr P Sedgwick


  • Mrs T Letch

    Mrs T Letch

    Trust Counsellor

  • Mrs J Adloune

    Mrs J Adloune

    Consultant Leadership Coach


  • Miss J Milner

    Miss J Milner

    RPS Head / ELT / Trust Early Help Lead

  • Mrs K Sansom

    Mrs K Sansom

    WPS Head/ TDDSL / ELT

  • Mrs S Walker

    Mrs S Walker

    NCP Head / ELT / Trust GRT Lead

School based

  • Miss C Hook

    Miss C Hook

    Trust ECT & RQT lead

  • Miss G Elson

    Miss G Elson

    Trust CPD

  • Mrs J Fagence

    Mrs J Fagence

    Trust English

  • Mr K Leeman

    Mr K Leeman

    Trust Maths