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In our relentless pursuit of educational excellence and moral integrity, the local school boards stand as pivotal pillars, ensuring that the vision and values of our Multi-Academy Trust are not only upheld but passionately advanced. Central to our ethos is a commitment to nurturing brilliance, guiding exploration, and cultivating respect-values that echo the spirit of UNICEF's Rights of the Child. These principles guide our actions, from the classroom to the community, ensuring every child is seen, heard, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Our shared moral rooting, driven by an ethical and altruistic approach, forms the backbone of our organizational ethos, ensuring decisions are made with the learners' best interests at heart. This moral compass is further reinforced by our pioneering spirit, pushing us to explore new horizons in education and exceed expectations at every turn.

Local school boards play a critical role in this ecosystem, embodying our shared values in their governance and operational strategies. They are instrumental in creating environments where children's rights to education, safety, and respect are not just protected but actively championed. Through their guidance, our schools become beacons of learning and respect, where every child's brilliance is acknowledged and nurtured.

Moreover, our commitment to empowering leaders is reflected in the support provided by local school boards. They are key in facilitating the necessary changes within schools, ensuring that every child's right to quality education is upheld, as stipulated in Article 28 of the UNICEF Rights of the Child. In cases where challenges arise, these boards are our steadfast partners in identifying and implementing solutions, guaranteeing continuous school improvement and the fulfilment of our shared purpose.

In essence, our local school boards are indispensable in realizing our vision of schools that prioritize learners' individuality, curiosity, and dignity, preparing them for the world that awaits. Together, we stand united in our mission to provide an educational experience that is not only brilliant in its delivery but also profound in its impact, ensuring the rights and dignity of every child are at the forefront of our collective endeavour.

Rayleigh Primary School LSB

Gary Rogers (Chair)  Matthew O'Leary Paul Dudmish
Laura Maughan Lorna Swindell  Jennifer Milner (Headteacher)
Zoe Tebbutt    

Wyburns Primary School LSB

Hina Robinson (Chair) Kath Sansom (Headteacher) Marissa Fitch
Scott O'Donohoe Dave Windle Tamsin Marriott
Andrea Lloyd Holly Hasson Sarah Jane Page     

North Crescent Primary School LSB

Michael Aydeniz (Chair) Elaine Byford Georgina Elson
Rebecca Gozel Sharon Walker (Headteacher) Jurgens Van Niekirk
Kevin Read