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Our Vision for Growth

SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD is a forward-thinking Multi-Academy Trust in Essex, committed to offering high-quality education anchored in our core principles: 'Learner First' and 'UN

Rights of the Child.' We currently provide exceptional education across our academies, demonstrating the potency of our values in creating nurturing and academically stimulating environments. In line with the Government’s vision for every school to be a part of a Multi-Academy Trust by 2030, our ambition is to grow purposefully and sustainably. 

This growth isn't about numbers; it’s about impact.:

  1. Preschool Provision: Recognising the importance of early education, we aim to expand our preschool provision, delivering our 'Learner First' and 'UN Rights of the Child' principles from the earliest stages of development.
  2. Supporting At-Risk and Excluded Children: We believe that every child has a right to quality education and a supportive community. Our aim is to extend our reach to include SEND children who are at risk of exclusion or have been excluded, ensuring they too can flourish.
  3. Collaboration with Like-Minded Schools: We are interested in schools that are currently rated as Good or better joining our Trust. By combining our resources and values, we can build a powerhouse of educational excellence, where the learning experience is continuously enhanced through shared best practices and collective wisdom.
  4. Collaboration with Schools that need some support: We believe that all schools have excellence within them. We are the perfect environment to support leaders to take a step back, relook at their school (with the help of experienced headteachers and Governance within the Trust) and re find their way.

Our vision for growth will lead to more streamlined and value-for-money central services, as well as a flexible, highly responsive model for school improvement. The ultimate beneficiaries of this growth will be our pupils, whose life prospects will be enriched by a SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD education. We are passionate about staff wellbeing and coaching and supervision. Mental health first aid is key to our approach as well as providing a robust and exciting CPD offer. 

We look forward to the next chapter, one where we extend our footprint in the communities we serve. Through planned growth, strategic partnerships, and unyielding commitment to our core principles. SCHOOLS FOR EVERY CHILD aims to ensure that all our academies, regardless of their starting point, can achieve excellence while always putting learning first.