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Inclusion/ Equality / Safeguarding

At Schools for Every Child, we are committed to ensuring that every child has access to a fulfilling and enriching curriculum.

Our mission's core is a commitment to inclusion, equality, and safety. These principles are not just part of our policy; they are woven into the very fabric of our educational approach, ensuring every learner feels valued, respected, and protected.

Inclusion is about ensuring every student has access to the same opportunities and recognising and valuing diversity within our school community. We strive to create an environment where every voice is heard and every child can thrive, regardless of background, ability, or circumstances.

Equality is fundamental to our ethos. We work tirelessly to eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity, ensuring that all learners and staff are treated fairly and respectfully. Our policies and practices are designed to challenge inequalities and to build a culture of respect and understanding.

Safeguarding is paramount. We are committed to providing our learners a safe and nurturing environment, where their welfare is our highest priority. Our robust safeguarding policies and practices protect our students, ensuring they can learn and grow in a secure and caring setting.

Aligned with the UNICEF Rights of the Child, we champion the rights of every child to be educated, protected, and respected. We integrate these rights into our daily operations and strategic planning, committing ourselves to the well-being and success of every learner.

For more information on how these principles are reflected in our actions and policies and to see how they align with UNICEF's Rights of the Child, please visit UNICEF's Child Rights Convention.


The SENCOs at each of our schools are: 

Miss H. Hasson at Wyburns Primary 

Miss G Elson at North Crescent Primary 

Mrs Martin/Mrs Bache at Rayleigh Primary 



At the beginning of each academic year, all staff receive updated child protection training and are provided with and expected to read and adhere to the current key safeguarding documents. These include Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1(September 2023)Guidance for Safer Working Practice for adults who work with children and young people in educational settings (2022), and What to do if You Are Worried a child is being abused (2015). Further information and training are provided throughout the academic year, and a straightforward induction process for new staff is followed as appropriate. As any adult in school can be the first point of disclosure for a child, all paid or unpaid staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify and report any concerns. Concerned parents/carers are also encouraged to contact the school if they are worried about anyone in our school community.  "Smoothwall" is a well-established system in our schools for logging concerns, and each school proactively discusses concerns with parents, carers, and outside agencies where relevant.

We are vigilant to ensure we recognise pupils who may be living in a home environment where there is domestic abuse, substance misuse, concerns for female genital mutilation, child sexual exploitation or radicalisation. We work closely with various specialist agencies to safeguard our pupils if concerns are raised. As part of the broader safeguarding system, we follow statutory guidance.

Senior leaders and governors attend safer recruitment training to ensure our pupils' safety, and we always operate safer recruitment practices. These include attaining appropriate DBS and reference checks. As part of our induction procedure, all staff are made aware of creating and maintaining proper and professional boundaries (in both the real and virtual world) in their relationships with pupils.

Safeguarding concerns must be reported to the schools' DSL (designated safeguarding lead) ASAP. 


Our Trust DSL is L Faris 

Our Trust Deputy DSL is K Sansom 

Our Trustee for Safeguarding is Jill Pickering